August 5, 2021

Callaway is one of the best-known brands of drivers on the market with the driver sales being what has put the brand on the map with the release of the Epic Driver. The Callaway driver brand uses artificial intelligence to craft an internal titanium rib system that is responsible for customizing the clubhead and therefore produces a solid and deep sound at impact. Most of the golf drivers crafted by Callaway are known to be easy to hit. Below are some of the best Callaway drivers which can all be bought on amazon.

Our Top Callaway Driver Picks


1. Callaway Golf Rogue Driver

Callaway Golf 2020 Men's Rogue Driver, Right Hand, Alidila...
  • Combined power of Jailbreak Technology and X-Face VFT Technology that promote...
  • Largest ever carbon composite crown surface area in a Callaway driver and new...
  • Speed Step technology developed by Boeing and Callaway to improve airflow and to...
  • Industry-leading Selection of Shaft, Weight and Loft Options

Callaway Rogue Driver is the best Callaway golf driver that uses an improved jailbreak technology that stiffens the sweet spot and as a result, increases the distance and ball speeds. This rogue driver is a few years old and among the first models that introduced titanium bars behind the golf clubs that create additional distance on the ball.

The Callaway Rogue driver comes in three versions which are the Rogue, the standard version, whereas Callaway Rogue Draw slightly differs from Callaway Rogue because of the additional weight in the heel which helps to adjust the center of gravity and creates a draw bias to easily combat slices. The final version is the Subzero which is slightly smaller in form creating a low spin and is aimed mostly at tour pros and low handicap golfers.


  • It uses the GBB Jailbreak Technology which helps to achieve a swift golf ball speed and distance
  • X-Face VFT which promotes the ball speed also and perfectly complements the Jailbreak Technology
  • Two adjustable weights for the trajectory and spin control
  • Features the Boeing Aero design that assists to achieve faster head speeds.

2. Callaway Mavrik Max Driver

Callaway Mavrik Max Driver is the premium first-class driver that offers unbelievable forgiveness and distance. This driver is ideal for high handicappers looking to invest for long-term use.

Max Mavrik Driver produces an aerodynamic head shape that helps in reducing drag and provides better distance in comparison to other elite drivers.


  • Has an adjustable loft sleeve that adds a launch angle to the driver making it the most suitable for any beginner that needs more distance
  • The large sweet spot that provides exceptional stability is delivered straight to the golf ball
  • Callaway Mavrik Max Driver features an aerodynamic triaxial carbon crown head that enables a smooth entry into the golf ball on the downswing

3. Callaway Golf Epic Flash Driver

Callaway Epic Flash Star Driver (Right Hand, Driver , 10.5...
  • The Epic Flash Star driver is a remarkable achievement in distance-enhancement,...
  • Callaway engineers used Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create a...
  • Internal Jailbreak bars stiffen and stabilize the crown and sole, placing more...
  • New T2C triaxial carbon fabric has a tighter weave to save weight, which is...
  • The incredibly lightweight Star package is designed for maximum swing speed and...

Callaway Epic Flash Driver is an older model than the Callaway Mavrik driver and offers the majority of the same features and this makes it a good choice for any Callaway driver looking to save some money.

This Callaway driver offers a better balance and forgiveness because of the T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown. This driver is ideal if you are looking for control while using the latest Jailbreak technology. It is recommended for any beginner that wants to improve their skill.


  • Comes with a 460cc head size
  • Has a sliding weight of 16 grams that allow any adjustment of your MOI to be done on the spot
  • The Callaway epic flash driver features a T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown for better balance and forgiveness
  • This Callaway driver uses both flash face and Jailbreak technology to maintain the speed and stability

4. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

The Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver is among the best drivers that are built for speed and distance with a muscle that helps you create the longest drives. Big Bertha started the oversized golf club heads modern design on drivers and has a high launch low spin driver with a low center of gravity.

Callaway Big Bertha B21 has a new flash face and jailbreak technology that is fueled by artificial intelligence and has a sweet spot that provides fast ball speeds, distance, and accuracy.


  • Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver has a large golf club head with a draw bias that helps with longer and straighter shots
  • Big Bertha features a new driver flash face and jailbreak technology that helps to achieve a fast ball speed
  • Big Bertha also has a lighter architecture that allows a consistent high ball speed

5. Callaway Golf Mavrik Sub zero Driver

Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero is a long-distance driver and is among the best Callaway drivers for advanced golfers. It is among the best Callaway drivers as it has a measure of forgiveness that is combined with a low spin that has interchangeable weights that helps to customize trajectory. Unlike the Mavrik Max that provides a draw bias, the Mavrik Sub Zero renders a neutral ball flight. This Callaway driver is ideal for individuals who prefer flat ball flight with minimum spins.


  • Comes with an internal jailbreak that fastens the ball speed
  • Has aerospace materials and a neutral shot bias that helps to maintain the consistency of the head speed, spin, and high launch
  • Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero driver features a strong lighter face technology that promotes forgiveness
  • Has a titanium rib system that delivers a reliable and deep sound
  • A small head size that produces more energy to the golf ball with better reliability and as a result straighter shots

6. Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver

Callaway Epic Flash Star Driver (Right Hand, Driver , 10.5...
  • The Epic Flash Star driver is a remarkable achievement in distance-enhancement,...
  • Callaway engineers used Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create a...
  • Internal Jailbreak bars stiffen and stabilize the crown and sole, placing more...
  • New T2C triaxial carbon fabric has a tighter weave to save weight, which is...
  • The incredibly lightweight Star package is designed for maximum swing speed and...

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver is the best Callaway driver for low spin and it is perfect for taking the ball farther mostly in wind. It is similar to the Callaway Epic Flash driver and the difference is this Callaway Sub Zero Driver has a small head shape and therefore can stand on its own. The Epic Flash Sub Zero shape and low lofts ensure that the ball spin is not an issue as the spin which is low, will take the ball as far as the Sub Zero driver sends it.


  • It has a 460cc head size
  • Has the lowest spin featuring 9 or 10-degree lofts with a head that is lightweight
  • The Epic Flash Sub Zero driver has combined flash face and jailbreak technology that sets you up for high MOI that supports a lower spin
  • Features an AI design that is optimized for the most excellent head shape and size

7.Callaway XR Driver

Callaway Men's XR Driver
  • Everything about this driver is optimized for aero efficiency, which is critical...
  • Speed From Speed Step Crown To reduce drag and maximize speed through the swing,...
  • Speed From RMOTO Face Technology This is how we increase ball speeds across the...
  • Speed From Maximum Shaft Load The shaft is a key component to speed, that's why...
  • OptiFit Adjustability Choose from 8 different loft and lie configurations to...

Callaway XR driver is one the best golf drivers for anyone that is looking for an averagely priced driver that offers great forgiveness and speed. This driver Callaway has the ability to pave way for additional distance easily between 25 and 50 yards.


  • The Callaway XR driver features a variety of lofts such as the 9.5 degrees, 10.5 degrees, 12 degrees, and 13.5 degrees.
  • It has a speed step crown which helps in reducing the drag during the downswing increasing the speed of the golf club head
  • Callaway XR driver features OptiFit adjustability with 8 different loft configurations to perfect the launch of the ball and as result creating more distance and speed on the drives
  • Has an R motor face technology that transfers the golf club energy over the entire club face
  • It features a lightweight version of the Project X LZ shaft and has three flexes which are the Light, Regular and Stiff

8. Callaway Mavrik Standard Driver

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Driver (Left Hand , Aldila Rogue White...
  • The new face architecture required FS2S titanium, an extremely strong material...
  • Two internal Jailbreak bars connect the sole and crown to promote fast ball...
  • The new Cyclone Aero shape dramatically decreases drag for increased clubhead...
  • We also used A. I. to design a sophisticated internal titanium rib system that...

This is the fastest driver of the Callaway brand that features a new cyclone aero shape that helps to reduce the drag. The driver has been designed to combine forgiveness, distance, feel, and consistency to provide the most reliable performance.

The Callaway Mavrik driver uses a flash face SS20 that is built with high strength of FS2S titanium for optimal speed and spin performance. It also has a jailbreak technology that has two internal bars that are used to stabilize the carbon crown and sole to achieve better ball speed. Better distance and accuracy performance on any mishits is achieved as a result of the Triaxial Carbon Crown with this Callaway Mavrik driver.


  • Has two internal bars with jailbreak technology that improves the ball speed
  • Comes with a slightly lower carbon crown that enables weight distribution and as a result high MOI
  • Artificial intelligence has been used to design an internal titanium rib system that fine-tunes the head producing a deeply satisfying sound
  • Features a new cyclone aero shape that helps to reduce the drag and as a result, increases the clubhead speed.


The price of a Callaway driver ranges between $100 and $500 whereas the higher price ranges are the latest models and the models a few years old are in the lower price range. You can be able to save some money by purchasing models that are a few years old.

Considerations when choosing the best Callaway drivers

1. Clubhead size

The size of the Callaway drivers is measured in cubic centimeters(CC) and the Callaway drivers have clubheads that range between 440cc and 460cc. The larger the clubheads, the more power, and ball speed is generated however it is easier to control smaller clubheads. A big clubhead helps to achieve forgiveness because of the sweet spot.

2. Adjustable weights

This is an important consideration as the adjustable weights can be moved to different positions in the golf club's sole and this can assist you in keeping swing speed. When you move the balance of the weight in the driver, it can cause a change of the loft of the ball off the tee.

3. Loft angle

A steep loft angle helps golfers that have a slow swing speed to generate more loft on the ball. On the other hand, a flat angle generates additional distance for the golfer that has a high swing speed. Callaway drivers normally have a loft angle on the clubface that is between 8 and 14 degrees.

4. Forgiveness

A driver that has a good forgiveness level will help beginners in boosting their confidence and promoting performance. With a great forgiveness level, you can feel the difference between well-struck shots and mishits.

Benefits of using the Best Callaway Drivers

1. The Callaway Fusion Technology that is patented that gives designers more freedom in comparison to those that are limited to single material club heads

2. The Callaway Pro-quality to the point that it has been used with the top golfers in the world. Callaway also claims that their drivers reduce drag by 8% when compared to similar club heads in the market.

3. The Callaway several drivers offer the right amount of forgiveness that helps to promote square contact with the ball

4. The distance gains that the best Callaway drivers come with that help to achieve high ball speed from all the clubface parts

Frequently Asked Questions of Callaway Drivers

1. What is the most forgiving Callaway driver?

The most forgiving Callaway driver is the Epic Flash Model that has various adjustable features. The features include the sliding weight and a loft sleeve that boosts loft and dials down the loft.

The Epic Flash Model of the driver is the most forgiving driver as it uses a sweet spot and minimizes the side spin and as a result, achieves better carry and accuracy. The Epic Flash allows players to depend on the forgiveness of the club to minimize the flaws in the swing. The rear weight of the club allows customization of the shot shape.

2. Are Callaway drivers good?

Callaway brand has some of the most dependable models of drivers in the market today and some have also been used by the top golfers in the world and therefore they have to be good. They have a high-end patented fusion technology and distance gains that help to achieve high ball speed from all the clubface parts but the high-end technology means that they might have a higher price.

With Callaway's drivers which have been tailored to your swing, you can be sure to shave off a few strokes off your score. Some of the top golfers who have used Callaway include Phil Mickelson, Xander Schauffele, and Marc Leishman.

3. What is the best driver for an average golfer?

The Mavrik Max Driver is the best driver that can be used by an average golfer that is looking to improve their skill. With features like flash face technology, lower launch, a smaller head, and an artificial intelligence design it gives an outstanding accuracy and an elegant feel. Additionally, the FS2S titanium face sparkles making the Max driver among the strongest Callaway has ever designed.

4. What is the best-used golf driver to buy?

The best-used golf driver you can buy from this list is the Callaway Rogue. This is because Callaway has used the same Jailbreak technology that made the Epic drivers good and offers great forgiveness for any average golfer and it was one of the first models to come with titanium bars which are located behind the clubface. If you are looking for the latest technology and adjustability, the Rogue driver will not disappoint you.

When buying used golf drivers you should ensure you get them from a reputable dealer and this is a dealer that has a good reputation in the market and the condition is the best to avoid spending way more money than you had intended to.

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