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5 Best Golf Cart Batteries To Power your Golf Carts

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In a game where you can hit the ball hundreds of yards away from your location, walking is hardly convenient. Golf carts have made golfing easier by facilitating movement and people are even using them to move in unrelated locations.

The performance of your golf cart, however, depends on much more than the vehicle.

The battery of your golf cart can dictate how much you enjoy those rides around the premises. As such, it is essential to know the best golf cart batteries on the market today.

This post is a review of the best golf cart batteries you can buy today, as well as factors to consider while buying golf cart batteries.

So, let's take a look at these best batteries.

Trojan Trojan 6 Volt Battery T-105
Lifeline Marine AGM Battery - GPL-4CT
Universal Power Group UPG Product-UPG 45966 UB-GC2 (Golf Cart),...
Amstron GC2 6V AGM Golf Cart, Marine, RV Battery
VMAXTANKS 6 Volt 225Ah AGM Battery: High Capacity & Maintenance...
Product Image
Trojan Trojan 6 Volt Battery T-105
Lifeline Marine AGM Battery - GPL-4CT
Universal Power Group UPG Product-UPG 45966 UB-GC2 (Golf Cart),...
Amstron GC2 6V AGM Golf Cart, Marine, RV Battery
VMAXTANKS 6 Volt 225Ah AGM Battery: High Capacity & Maintenance...
Trojan Trojan 6 Volt Battery T-105
Product Image
Trojan Trojan 6 Volt Battery T-105
Lifeline Marine AGM Battery - GPL-4CT
Product Image
Lifeline Marine AGM Battery - GPL-4CT
Universal Power Group UPG Product-UPG 45966 UB-GC2 (Golf Cart),...
Product Image
Universal Power Group UPG Product-UPG 45966 UB-GC2 (Golf Cart),...
Amstron GC2 6V AGM Golf Cart, Marine, RV Battery
Product Image
Amstron GC2 6V AGM Golf Cart, Marine, RV Battery
VMAXTANKS 6 Volt 225Ah AGM Battery: High Capacity & Maintenance...
Product Image
VMAXTANKS 6 Volt 225Ah AGM Battery: High Capacity & Maintenance...

Best Golf Cart Batteries

1. Trojan T-105 6 Volt Battery

Trojan Trojan 6 Volt Battery T-105
  • Voltage: 6, Amperage: 225Ah, Chemistry: Flooded
  • Length: 10.300, Width: 7.100, Height: 10.800
  • Trojan
  • Flooded Lead Acid

This Trojan 6-volt battery is undoubtedly one of the best golf cart batteries that will give value for money's worth. Since 1925, Trojan has been producing quality deep cycle batteries that are reliable, long-lasting, and highly efficient.

This battery discharges at a slow rate allowing you to enjoy long uninterrupted drives around the golf course. It is truly among the top-tier batteries for your golf cart, offering power, speed, and optimum performance.


  • High-quality brand
  • 2-year warranty
  • Affordable
  • Multipurpose batteries for wind and solar electric systems


  • High maintenance requirement
  • Relatively heavy

2. Lifeline Marine AGM Battery - GPL-4CT

Lifeline Marine AGM Battery - GPL-4CT
  • Voltage: 6 Volts
  • Amp. Hrs. 20 Hr Rate: 220
  • Minutes of Discharge @ 25 Amps - 492
  • Minutes of Discharge @ 15 Amps - 856
  • Minutes of Discharge @ 8 Amps - 1692

This is a splendid option for a golfer looking to spend long hours on the golf course. It can keep the charge for a long time while providing exceptional performance to your cart.

Lifeline Marine AGM Battery is less susceptible to spillage or sulfation, making it highly suited to golf carts. Its unique build ensures that it can handle a wide temperature range to avoid overheating or freezing, which is why it's among the best options for golf cart owners.


  • A high ease of use
  • Charge-efficient design
  • Compatible with numerous chargers
  • Vibration resistant


  • Heavy
  • Relatively expensive

3. Universal Power Group UBGC2 Sealed AGM Deep Cycle 6V battery

Universal Power Group UPG Product-UPG 45966 UB-GC2 (Golf Cart),...
  • UPG Product-UPG 45966 UB-GC2 (Golf Cart), Sealed Lead Acid Battery

There is no need to be stressed when looking for a high-performance deep cycle battery.

This AGM battery uses fiberglass to withstand any impact or vibrations coming from your golf cart. It has a slow self-discharge rate and is valve regulated to prevent any leakages. The AGM technology also provides a wide temperature range, making this battery suitable for carts and cars.


  • Spill-proof
  • resistant to impact and vibrations
  • high performance
  • 1-year warranty
  • Can work with many chargers


  • Relatively costly

4. Amstron GC2 6V AGM Golf Cart Battery

With the amstron GC2, you never have to worry about maintaining water levels or accidental leakage. Since it doesn't have free liquid, not even freezing temperatures can damage this exceptional battery. During charging and discharging, this AGM battery reduces heat generation, thus preventing overheating. The discharge rate is low enough to allow you to store the battery for long hours without boosting the charge.


  • Long life cycle
  • Fast charging capability
  • Freeze-proof
  • Maintenance-free


  • Relatively heavy
  • A bit pricey

5. VMAXTANKS 6 Volt Deep Cycle Battery

VMAXTANKS 6 Volt 225Ah AGM Battery: High Capacity & Maintenance...
  • 9.5"*7.3"*11"h Heavy Duty 6V AGM DEEP CYCLE BATTERY with Float Service Life span...
  • Electrolyte Suspension system VMAX tanks utilize an electrolyte suspension...
  • Heavy Duty Grids: VMAX heavy duty lead tin alloys provide an extra margin of...
  • # Maintenance Free Operation: There is no need to check specific gravity of the...
  • Visit Manufacturer's web site for further info vmaxtanks.com. Authorized Seller:...

When prioritizing durability and long life in golf cart batteries, the VMAX deep cycle AGM battery is a superb choice.

This battery will serve you for 8-10 years with minimal risk of spillage or permanent damage.

The VMAX lead-tin alloys increase this battery's performance and float service life span while offering a maintenance-free experience.


  • Long-lasting
  • No spillage risk
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Safe discharging
  • Quick charging


  • Heavy

Factors to Consider When Buying Golf Cart Batteries

Before you spend money on a golf cart battery, it is essential to set your priorities right to get value. You don't want to buy a golf cart battery after every few years.

So, here are some crucial factors to consider before buying batteries for golf carts.

1. Voltage

Every golf cart has a specific amperage and voltage capacity, which the batteries need to supply. To choose the best battery for your golf cart, you have to know the system voltage. Electric golf carts are powered using several batteries wired together to provide a total voltage of 36V or 48V.

Depending on the voltage, you can decide which and how many batteries to use. You will need a combination of 6V, 8V, or 12V batteries to sufficiently power your golf cart. The manufacturing standards will provide these specifications to ensure the proper functioning of your cart.

2. Amperage

The battery's amperage determines the amount of power your battery outputs when your golf cart is running. In a practical sense, amperage is the driving force that moves your golf cart. Batteries with high amperage can last longer on the golf course while supplying adequate power.

On the golf cart batteries, the amperage per hour is displayed as Ah. The higher the amperage is, the more power it will supply in each hour of use.

3. Battery Size

Golf carts can have between four to eight batteries of different sizes. The battery's size is crucial because you could buy one only to find that it won't fit in the designated space of your golf cart. To avoid such a scenario, you need to check the dimensions necessary for your new battery.

If you have limited space, you could choose fewer batteries with a higher voltage. For instance, if your golf cart requires a voltage of 36V, you could use three 12V batteries to power it.

On the other hand, if you have no space constraints, you could use lower-voltage batteries. For instance, six-6V batteries will also provide a total of 36V.

4. Speed

While voltage refers to the amount of power the batteries exert, amperage determines the time and distance your cart will cover on one charge. As such, to move faster around the golf course, you will want batteries with a higher voltage.

To move as fast as you can, you want to find batteries that will supply the power you need.

5. Battery Charger

The most common golf cart battery type is the lead-acid battery. The only way to maintain a lead-acid battery is to acquire the proper charger.

On the one hand, if you get an underpowered charger, a deposit of lead sulfate will accumulate and affect the battery's performance.

On the other hand, if you use an overpowered charger, there will be a corrosion buildup. So, it is critical to find a consistent charger for your lead-acid batteries to ensure their longevity.

6. Battery Type

You can power your golf cart using different types of batteries; flooded batteries, gel batteries, AGM batteries, and lithium-ion batteries.

Flooded Lead-Acid batteries 

The flooded lead-acid battery comprises lead plates and sulphuric acid. These versatile batteries are the most common, and since they are not sealed, you will need to keep checking the electrolyte levels.

Gel Lead-Acid Batteries 

The gel battery is a sealed lead-acid battery with a thickening agent to keep the electrolytes still, making it ideal for off-roading. It is more durable and can withstand rough terrains while operating flawlessly.

AGM Lead Acid Batteries

These are technologically advanced batteries that can resist vibrations and endure tough use. These spill-proof AGM batteries have fiberglass mat separators that keep the electrolytes immobile.

Lithium-ion Batteries

The lithium battery is relatively new to the golf cart battery market. However, it is more suitable for a gas cart than an electric golf cart because it lacks the amp-hour capacity necessary to run a golf cart.

These batteries respond better to discharging because they are not susceptible to sulfation. Since they are relatively lighter than the lead-acid batteries, you can take faster rides in your golf cart.

They charge three times faster than lead-acid batteries, making them an ideal option when you are in a hurry. A lithium-ion battery is more long-lasting than a typical golf cart battery, but you should be certain that your cart is compatible with one before buying. While they offer numerous advantages, these batteries come with a higher price tag than most batteries.

7. Maintenance of the Battery

For extended battery life, you will have to put in extra effort to maintain your golf cart battery. This is the case even for maintenance-free golf cart batteries. You should clean the batteries with an anti-corrosive solution to maintain optimal performance.

You should also keep an eye on the battery water level for lead-acid types. It is vital to check the battery wiring regularly to identify frayed cables that need replacing.

Ensure you charge the golf cart batteries after using them for 8-10 hours to avoid a charge-drop of under 20%. This is because letting your battery go completely flat can cause damage to lead-acid batteries.

Also, apply a silicone paste on the terminals to prevent oxidation.

8. Weight

The weight of the battery is also an integral factor.

This is because a heavy battery can add stability to your golf cart, which will make it less likely to fall over when moving.

However, heavier batteries can end up slowing down your speed because of the extra weight they exert on your golf cart.

How to Know its Time to Replace Your Golf Cart Batteries

Identifying when your batteries need replacement is as crucial as performing battery maintenance practices. While most manufacturers recommend replacing your batteries every often, the replacement could be necessary a lot sooner. However, with regular maintenance, these batteries' life span could be as long as a decade.

Even with excellent care, your golf cart batteries will need replacing sooner or later.

Here are some signs to look out for to know if it's time to change out your golf cart batteries.

1. Longer Charging Time 

It takes an old battery twice as long to charge as a brand new. If you notice that your batteries are taking longer to charge, they are probably nearing the end of their life span.

2. Lower Speed 

Another prominent sign that it's time to change your batteries is the loss of power and acceleration. Lower battery performance will only get worse, especially when going uphill.

3. Using a Voltmeter

Just as in a car battery, you can use a voltmeter to read your golf cart battery's voltage. Rather than waiting for the warning signs, a voltmeter will tell you exactly how your batteries perform. You should test each battery's power to replace only the underperforming ones.

4. Physical Deterioration 

In extreme cases, or if you ignore the warning signs, the battery can show signs of tear. In many cases, the battery will expand and display bulges on the battery casing. In the worst cases, acid could start leaking on the outside.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Typically Last?

Golf cart batteries can last between 5 to 10 years. However, maintenance plays a crucial role in the life span of a battery. When you perform regular maintenance on these batteries, they can last longer than usual.

Why is My Golf Cart Battery Running out of Charge Quickly?

Several possible reasons, such as corroded connections, loose wiring, or an inadequate amount of water in the battery. A quick discharge or slow charge rate could indicate that your batteries are old, damaged, or worn out.

Can I Leave the Golf Cart Plugged In?

No, you should not leave it plugged in because the batteries should be charged in between two discharge sessions. You should only charge a battery after a complete discharge cycle. Leaving the cart plugged in will alter the lifespan of the battery.

Can I Use Car Batteries to Jumpstart a Golf Cart?

No, it increases the chances of your battery getting damaged or an explosion of your car battery. It could also cause electrical damage, which is expensive to repair.

Can You Put Car Batteries in a Golf Cart?

No, the discharge rate of a typical car battery is much lower than that of deep cycle batteries. As such, you cannot use them as a basic power source for your golf cart.


If your golf cart battery needs replacing, you don't need to spend hours searching for a suitable replacement. With this guide, you can select the best golf cart batteries and enjoy the enhanced performance and efficiency of quality accessories.

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