February 4, 2024

Golf headcovers have grown in popularity for their versatile uses. A golf headcover is a protective sleeve that can be fitted over your club's head when it's not in use. The headcover prevents the clubs from smashing into each other while you're moving around on the greens or when your bag topples over. Golf clubs are quite the investment hence the best golf headcovers aid in the prevention of potential damage.

Another great feature about golf headcovers is that they allow you to express your creativity and individuality. They come in various shapes, colors, styles, materials to match one's personality and style. Most golfers tend to have headcovers that are specifically made for their woods. At the same time, other golfers have begun using headcovers for their putters, irons, and wedges.

The best golf headcovers will not only protect your equipment but will also allow you to express your character. With a headcover, it becomes so much easier to spot your golf bag.

Keep reading as we outline 5 of the best golf headcovers and what to consider when buying them.

Product Name
TaylorMade Golf 2017 Golf Club Headcover
Craftsman Golf 12pcs or 1pc Thick Synthetic Leather Golf Iron...
Scott Edward Red Warning Stripes Golf Club Head Covers, Acrylic...
Daphne's Animal Golf Headcovers
FINGER TEN Pom Pom Golf Club Head Covers Knit for Driver Fairway...
Product Image
TaylorMade Golf 2017 Golf Club Headcover
Craftsman Golf 12pcs or 1pc Thick Synthetic Leather Golf Iron...
Scott Edward Red Warning Stripes Golf Club Head Covers, Acrylic...
Daphne's Animal Golf Headcovers
FINGER TEN Pom Pom Golf Club Head Covers Knit for Driver Fairway...
Product Name
TaylorMade Golf 2017 Golf Club Headcover
Product Image
TaylorMade Golf 2017 Golf Club Headcover
Product Name
Craftsman Golf 12pcs or 1pc Thick Synthetic Leather Golf Iron...
Product Image
Craftsman Golf 12pcs or 1pc Thick Synthetic Leather Golf Iron...
Product Name
Scott Edward Red Warning Stripes Golf Club Head Covers, Acrylic...
Product Image
Scott Edward Red Warning Stripes Golf Club Head Covers, Acrylic...
Product Name
Daphne's Animal Golf Headcovers
Product Image
Daphne's Animal Golf Headcovers
Product Name
FINGER TEN Pom Pom Golf Club Head Covers Knit for Driver Fairway...
Product Image
FINGER TEN Pom Pom Golf Club Head Covers Knit for Driver Fairway...

The Best Golf Headcovers

1. Taylormade Golf Club Headcover

The Taylormade brand has always been at the forefront of creating quality golf accessories and headcovers that are aesthetically pleasing to several golfers. The Taylormade 2017 golf headcover is still one of the most highly regarded and loved covers by golfers and can be found in many golf bags. The headcover is made of synthetic PU leather that assures your clubhead's protection and the short portion of the shaft.

It comes in a vibrant red, white, and black color combination that gives the feeling of a red-hot club hiding inside that will deliver that swing and add more yards to every shot.

The TaylorMade headcover range protects your driver, fairway woods, and putter. The only downside is that it is designed and aimed specifically for TaylorMade clubs hence is unlikely to gain a huge following from golfers that prefer alternative brands.


  • Vibrant color combination.
  • Classic style choice.
  • Covers most clubhead sizes.
  • Fits the clubhead well.
  • Easy to remove and put back on.
  • Durable material.


  • Quite pricey.
  • Designed specifically for TaylorMade clubs.

2. Craftsman Golf U.S. Flag Iron Headcovers

Craftsman Golf 12pcs or 1pc Thick Synthetic Leather Golf Iron...
  • Thick Material iron head cover
  • Material:High Quality Pu leather
  • Water-proof,Oversize
  • velcro,never drop from iron head
  • 12pcs/set (3,4,5,6,7,8,9,P,A,S,L,L)

If you consider yourself extremely patriotic, The Crafstman Golf US Flag headcovers would be ideal. Their headcovers are available in a set of 10 to cover the biggest range of irons 4 iron, 5 iron, 6 iron, 7 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron, lob wedge, sand wedge, and pitching wedge.

The headcovers are made from neoprene, allowing for great flexibility that will fit perfectly on the clubhead to provide excellent protection. The handcrafted stitching helps with durability and washing. The material is both water and stain-proof.

The headcovers are designed for right-handed clubs and present the flag correctly when used on the right-handed clubs. They can be used on left-handed clubs; however, the flag may not be as visible as the one on the right.


  • Protective fit
  • Easy to use.
  • Durable handcrafted stitching.
  • U.S. Flag silk screen printing.
  • Snug-fitting.


  • No 3 iron headcover available.
  • Mainly for right-handed club use.

3. Scott Edward Golf Hybrid Headcovers

The Scott Edward Golf Hybrid Headcovers come in a classic retro style featuring a vintage striped design and a pom-pom. The headcovers are available in various colors and style combinations.

These knit headcovers are made from extra-soft acrylic yarn and are double-layered, making them less likely to wrinkle. They are lightweight, breathable, and washable, allowing you to keep them perfect for longer periods.

The headcovers are not ideal for larger drivers and woods but are better suited for hybrids and even more suitable for irons. The stretch material allows the headcovers to protect every club from your wedges through to the hybrid selection. It comes with a rotational number tag that rotates comfortably, allowing the golfer to easily identify the club. This makes the selection process much easier.

The headcover's long neck ensures that the clubhead connection and a sizeable portion of the shaft remain protected.


  • Made with an anti-wrinkle design.
  • Made from soft acrylic yarn with knitted double-layers.
  • It can be used on hybrids and irons.
  • Comes with a Rotational number tag for easy club identification.
  • Well pricedMachine washable.


  • Durability issues have been reported.
  • Too small for woods and driversFades easily.

4. Daphne's Animal Golf Headcovers

Daphne's Animal Golf Headcovers
  • Head covers are made of the highest quality materials
  • Fits 460cc drivers
  • Adds individuality and personality to your golf bag
  • Each piece is guaranteed for life

The Daphne brand has been designing headcovers for nearly four decades and continues to be one of the most popular in the market. They specialize in character headcovers, and though other companies have designed their own, Daphne's headcovers seem to grasp the tight fit needed to avoid losing headcovers.

The Tiger Headcover fits up to 460cc driver. Its made from high-quality materials and guaranteed for life. With the Tiger headcover, you can add some character and showcase your personality. Having this headcover will allow you to join over 300 professional golfers on the PGA and LPGA tours that carry Daphne’s Headcover on their golf bags. You too can make your golf bag stand out with this fun animal headcover.


  • A unique and fun feature in your golf bag.
  • Made from soft quality material.
  • Available for all woods and utilities.
  • Lifetime Guarantee for quality.


  • Fitting issues; it sometimes falls off.

5. Finger Ten Pom-Pom Golf Club Headcovers

FINGER TEN Pom Pom Golf Club Head Covers Knit for Driver Fairway...
  • Classic, the Sport and the Fashion collections; Decorate Your Golf Bag in Color...
  • WELL PACKAGED IN GOOD VALUE: You Will Receive the Product Packaged Well in Good...
  • NO RISK AND BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: ALL Finger Ten Products Are Eligible For Amazon...

The Finger Pom-Pom headcovers are designed to take you back to a period when knit headcovers were the most popular and could be found in almost every bag. The Finger Ten team created a modern approach while keeping the vintage style and look in mind.

The headcover is made from a strong and stretchy nylon material that aims to increase durability. It has double layers of knitting that are soft and washable. The headcover contains elastic, allowing you to tighten it around the shaft though it fits comfortably over the clubhead.

The headcovers come in various colors, thus allowing you to pick one that suits and reflects your character and personality while still matching the color of your bag.

The downside is that you cannot have the number of the club embroidered and will instead and have to settle for the standard numbers, which might not suit everyone’s taste.


  • Good quality and a wide variety of colors.
  • Easy to use.
  • Washable.


  • Lacks custom embroidery.
  • Not as snug-fitting as contour shaped headcovers.

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Golf HeadCover

There are key features you should consider before settling on the best golf headcover. The headcover must protect the clubhead and the initial part of the shaft that may come into contact with your golf bag.

a) Durability

Durability is key. Though seasons and preferences may change and fashion styles may regularly shift, it's important to consider a headcover whose material is durable.

b) Ease of use

One of the most used golf clubs in your bag is the driver, and depending on how much you play golf, it could roughly be used around 14 times a round. Hence, you don't want to have a complicated headcover. The removal process should be simple and straightforward.

The same goes with putting it back on after each shot. If the headcover is difficult to put on, you may forego it; hence, it loses its basic purpose to protect the clubs.

The best golf headcover should be easy to use and put on. It should fit onto the head but not be too tight such that it's too hard to remove every time you need to use your club, nor should you have to force it onto the club either.

c) Style

When it comes to style, you're at liberty to keep looking for the best headcovers that meet your desire. It's important to remember that your golf headcover is an expression of your character and individuality; hence you should only buy what you like.

d) Shapes

Golf headcovers come in various shapes. Many companies have introduced animal and cartoon characters into their headcover ranges, and they are also available in a wide variety of colors. Some companies also offer services that allow you to create golf headcovers to your specifications that will match and represent your personality.

e) Materials Used

- Knit

Knit headcovers are made from 100% material and come in various colors and shapes. The acrylic material keeps the clubs dry and is unlikely to be pushed off unless pulled off. Knit headcovers are flexible and can adjust to fit the shape of the club they are on.

These headcovers often come with an extended sock-like bottom that tends to slide over the woods' shaft, hence providing additional protection to the clubhead, the joint between the clubhead and shaft, and a good length of the shaft.

- Fabric

Fabric golf headcovers are created using water and stain-resistant material, which helps maintain a shaped form to fit certain products. The form-fitting fabric provides additional protection for the clubs through the thicker seams.

- Leather

Golf headcovers made from leather are durable and hardy as leather provides natural protection against stains and water. The designs are more delicate and cleaner with minimal writing on except for the markings of the club. Most golfers choose to personalize their leather headcovers through embroidery to be more unique and stand out even more.

Certain companies like Dormie Workshop are known for their handmade leather headcovers. The company is based in Nova Scotia-based and employs a team of skilled artists—with backgrounds ranging from graffiti to jewelry design—to think outside the box when creating and designing the best golf headcovers.

- Plastic

These headcovers are designed to fit the heads of your irons. Golf irons come in several different head sizes; hence some companies offer headcovers when you buy the clubs. If your golf set did not come with headcovers, all you need to do is shop around and check to see if there are plastic covers that will fit your irons properly.

f) Types of Headcovers

- Vintage head covers 

These headcovers are designed to retain and preserve the traditional style of headcovers. They normally have a number at the back to ensure you select precisely the club you want for your shot. They come in a range of materials, with polyurethane being the most popular.

- Animal Headcovers 

Originally popularized by Tiger Woods and with his classic Tiger headcover, animal headcovers have increasingly gained popularity with companies like Daphne's Headcovers solely focusing on them. Animal headcovers were at one time exclusively made for your driver; however, with increasing demand, there are now headcovers for other woods and hybrids.

g) Customizability

When it comes to customizing, there are certain questions you might ask: How customizable does a company allow you to get? Do you want your headcovers to celebrate a special occasion? Do you want your name on them? Or maybe your favorite sports team? Do you want to give them as a gift?

There are various ways you can go about customizing your headcovers. When it comes to the best golf headcovers, there's no need to settle, and you should always buy what you like and what speaks most to you.

Customizing your headcover is really all about adding your personal touch. You have to think about what it is about your headcovers that you want to stand out or rather you want them to say about you.

For example, Think about how strongly you identify the car somebody drives with your mental idea of them. Your golf mates will see your headcovers every time they see you on the turf — so ensure you're projecting the right vibes.

Headcovers can be whatever you want them to be. They can be fun, cool, sleek, stylish, eye-catching, loud, minimalist, or anything in between. Once you settle, you can look for companies that allow you to customize your headcovers.

Seamus Golf, based in Oregon, is known for creating unique and quality covers with tartan, tweed, and other bold patterned designs. The headcover artisans' recent collection of mix-material headcovers builds on their expertise, bringing luxe and lasting defense to any set of sticks. Each piece is customizable and has a contrasting fleece interior that enhances style and protection.

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