February 4, 2024

Callaway Unisex's Edge 10 Piece Golf Set

The industry is flooded with options to an extent making it unbearable to make up your mind on which golf club to buy.

That being said good quality equipment is extremely important when it comes to having a better golf game mostly because different clubs are made for different purposes set to give you the ability to enrich and improve your game. This might be in line with speed, distance, forgiveness among many other factors.

So today we look at the Callaway Unisex's Edge 10 Piece Golf Set to see if the club is worth the noise or not.

Callaway Unisex's Edge 10 Piece Golf Set-Right Handed, 10525 cm
  • Edge drive
  • Edge 3-wood
  • Edge 5-hybrid
  • Edge 6-9 cavity back irons
  • Edge pitching wedge, edge sand wedge, odyssey white hot Pro putter with super...

When it comes to clubs they also change as per the user skill set e.g., those with a high handicap may opt for different clubs in comparison to those in a low one. Beginners, intermediate players and professionals all hold different needs.

Factors like improving straightness of a shot or stability as well as distance are also considered when it comes to choosing the right golf clubs.  It goes without saying that it is important to pick the correct and most suitable golf club for you based on the above factors.

Be sure to read on and check if the Callaway Edge is the Best pick for you!!

Callaway Edge Club Set Review

Callaway have yet again given us a great product through the Callaway Unisex Edge 10 Piece Golf Set. In this set you get: Titanium driver, 3-wood, 5-Hybrid, 5-9 cavity back irons (stainless steel shafts), just to name a few.

Also included is a pitching and sand wedge together with the Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter.

Be sure to join us as we take an in-depth look into specifications as well as pros and cons the set has to offer when you choose to get it. This review will assist you and offer you with the knowledge necessary to pick your set of Golf clubs or show you that the Callaway Unisex Edge 10 is the best for you.

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Callaway Unisex Edge 10 Piece Gold Set – Great Quality at a Great Price!

The Callaway Unisex Edge 10 just as other clubs previously designed and created with Callaway, still holds the performance as well as aesthetic known to be produced by them. This clubs still give high quality but in turn look very charming. This set is specially designed to help in distance, easy hitting and most-importantly accuracy. The designers also weigh, that through this set you lower score and hit better and more straight shots.

As we saw earlier here is a full list of the Specifications of the Set.

With graphite shafts you get:

  • Titanium driver
  • 3-wood
  • 5-Hybrid

(This comes with 4 headcovers for each)

In the set with steel shafts you get cavity back irons:

  • 6- iron
  • 7 -iron
  • 8 – iron
  • 9 – iron

You also get:

  • Pitching Wedge
  • Sand Wedge
  • Odyssey White Hot Pro putter

Truly with the Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter you are able to get the best feel of being a professional, with its sound and feel on every swing. It truly sets this set apart from its rivals upholding its tour winning status. The Odyssey putter is made with super stroke Grip Technology and even though it is accompanied with a two-year warranty, it is well known for being very durable.

This set is versatile with the variety of irons, with steel shafts guiding the golfer to play with more precision and providing the needed durability.

Advantages of the Set

With this set you get high forgiveness i.e., more than certain to get straighter shots as well as have the ability to counteract off-hits due to its driver being lightweight. For those beginning this will help guide them to more consistent good hits because the player possesses higher control due to the weight.

This is the same for the 5-Hybrid, making it easy to hit as well for those who are just getting into the sport as well.

The notion that irons difficult clubs for not only beginners but intermediate players to use, has been put to question through the introduction of cavity black irons in this set. Callaway through Edge 10 has assured novice players more forgiveness and the straighter off-hits. They also help improve overall performance, through increasing speed and longer distances.

For those looking to improve their distance on the course, the woods design in this set will give you that extra edge. They are designed so well.

For the quality the Callaway Unisex Edge 10 provides it is a wonder that it comes at a good affordable price point. It is definitely more than a bargain, because of what it offers.

Where it fails…

To begin with the set sadly does not consider left-handed players. This in turn has reduced a large group of people from buying or using the set.

Secondly, the weight of the irons might be a disadvantage or demotivator to some players. As it is heavy, people who weight lighter might not prefer them. This might be the same for younger and senior players.

Thirdly, the set does not give advanced layers the standard they may desire. This is simply because they are not designed to last as long when it comes to their golfing i.e., they may want a set that last longer through their golfing career. It is advised to look and invest into other golf club sets.

Take a look at the summary of the pros and Cons Below:


Great for beginners and intermediate players

Covers Greater distance

Gives straighter shots

Beautiful aesthetics

Contains Lightweight woods

It is affordable


No left-handed option

Difficult for petite players and heavier irons

No iron headcovers

No Bag included

Does not accommodate Advanced players

Buyers Guide:

Our major focus is to separate overall looks from functionality when it comes to picking the best golf clubs. As the say “Looks can be deceiving”. Though in the current market there is an influx of many different options, making it very difficult for one to choose (especially of you are new to the sport)

The only way to find out and pick the set that is best for you is by paying attention to the features as well as the requirements you desire to have to those you don’t need. Through this Buying guide you will be able to have the right mindset and confidence in making the right decision. No need to worry.

Know the Parts of the Club.


The part of the club that hits the ball. They vary in size based simply on one’s ability to hit the ball as well as control the club. Larger clubs are mostly preferred by beginner golfers. The club head controls the height and distance of the golfers shot.


This is what joins the shaft to the club head. In the market you can also find adjustable ones for those players who want to adjust the angles and loft of their clubs.


The length of metal/graphite covered by the grip.  Steel shafts are known to be rigid (less flexible) when compared to graphite shafts.


The cover (usually of rubber) covering the end of the shaft. Used to help the golfer hold or grip the shaft. They vary based on the players hands size and are offered in different designs and textures as well.

What are you searching for?

If it’s a putter or a driver, it is important to understand the options available to you. This will go a long way in helping you lessen your search and assist you with the ability to select the right club for you. Here are the basics

In every bag 14 clubs are allowed, this being the requisites:

  • Driver
  • Putter
  • 6-iron and 8-iron
  • Pitching Wedge
  • Sand Wedge
  • Hybrid/Fairway wood


When it comes to drivers the first thing you should look at is the size of the driver head.\ and the material it is made from. Most recently are made from titanium composite and vary in size i.e., are large or small. Titanium makes for a lightweight head in comparison to older ones that were made from wood/steel.

The largest club head is the 460cc advised to beginners while professionals use smaller sizer like the 440cc for greater control. The larger heads offer more forgiveness if your shots are usually off center.

When it comes to golf clubs and golfing in general the term MOI that is, Motion of Inertia, is very important. Simply put, the MOI is how stable a thing is when it comes to withstanding twisting. This applies to clubs where less twisting gives the golfer straighter shots. This means depending on what you desire, a golf club with a higher MOI means you will have less twist in comparison to a lower MOI will twist more.

Higher MOI is suitable for beginner and intermediate golfers or drivers equipped with weights which can be used to change/adjust the COG (Center of Gravity) of the club.

Another word is the COR which means the coefficient of restitution; helping to give the golfer an idea of the level of impact the club head has on the ball. Low results to less distance while high results to more distance.

For Shafts on Driver clubs, they are either regular, flexible or stiff. Graphite staffs as seen earlier give a lightweight feel and offer flexibility in comparison to steel shafts which in turn are considered, heavier, rigid and more durable.


Today Putters are categorized into two main groups namely: toe-balanced putters and face-balanced putters. Toe – balanced putters, point towards the ground with the shaft balancing on one’s finger while face-balanced putters are upward-facing, the shaft still balancing on one’s finger.

When it comes to Face-Balanced Putters the COG is below the shaft axis, because of that they are recommended for players with straight strokes. As for Toe-Faced ones the are good for players with a swing and an arc. They have smaller club heads and a more accurate. Mallet putters are common -with a larger and heavier head, gifting the player with more forgiveness.


The two popular types of wedges are pitching and sand wedges. They almost look like iron clubs but they have higher lofts and are more accurate. Sand wedges are used to get the ball out of sand traps and bunkers because they have a higher loft. As for Pitching wedges, they are great for short to medium distances on the course.

The utility wedge (also known as lob or gap wedge) is the name given to the wedge between the two, and it gives higher lofts i.e., great for hitting higher.


When it comes to clubs the categories of irons are cast and forged irons. Forged irons are ideal for professional to advanced golfers, simply because they have a small “sweet spot”. But are expensive as well. It goes without saying that the cast irons are much cheaper.

Blade irons also have a small hitting area and a thinner face, in contrast to cavity back irons which have thin club faces and larger club heads. The irons are given in the range of 1-9, where the lower number is less friendly to beginners.


This are sometimes used in replacing long irons because they offer a high forgiveness level. The most common being the rescue or utility club. As a wood-style club it has lesser spin than woods but quite more when compared to irons. Hybrids give the user more control and are shorter than fairway woods most of the times.

Fairway Woods

This are known for their versatility and made to be used from the tee. Fairway and even the rough. Made from different materials such as composite, titanium and stainless steel.  This are different from other clubs because they are made with longer shafts and larger heads. This are also numbered to indicate their loft i.e., higher striking distance for a lower indicated number.

What suits you?

Be sure you make the decision based on what you want. Make it as personal as you can. Do not base your decisions on other players or friends’ collections before making a point to do your own personal research based on your skill set.

If you are starting off don’t rush to use smaller sized drivers, larger drivers are definitely your best pick. At an advanced stage you can move to smaller sized ones because you have gained more control.

We hope that we have at least made you gain confidence in making your first purchase.  Be sure to note this guide was not made to make the decision for you but to  show you what is best for you and what you should look at when getting your own set of Golf Clubs.


After looking into the guide together with the features of the Callaway Unisex Edge Set 10, its only right we conclude that in making this purchase you will be getting a great and reliable quality club set.

When it comes to clubs and sets twice the value, this will definitely be a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to start their golfing journey. Great for beginners as well as intermediate players. For professionals we know they might prefer fitted sets to this one.

Callaway Unisex's Edge 10 Piece Golf Set-Right Handed, 10525 cm
  • Edge drive
  • Edge 3-wood
  • Edge 5-hybrid
  • Edge 6-9 cavity back irons
  • Edge pitching wedge, edge sand wedge, odyssey white hot Pro putter with super...

The set, Callaway Unisex Edge 10  is definitely worth the talk and it definitely backs it up on the green. Whether you choose this set or look for another we hope to have helped in your decision and assisted to better your game the next time you go out and step into the green.

Happy golfing!

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